Launches Lost Pet Service Based on Rabies ID

Beginning in mid-March, 2000, pet owners will have access to the first and only nationwide pet protection service to develop an easy to use search and retrieval system (patent pending) to reunite a lost pet with its owner, will provide a convenient, accurate and affordable way to give pet owners peace of mind and reduce the risk of pets becoming lost forever. can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to reunite pets and owners quickly. It is the first web-based pet registration service to combine the unique rabies tag number with a powerful search engine (patent pending). According to Deborah Welsh, President of, “Thousands of pets get lost each year. Access to the Internet at home, work, school, and public libraries, makes a convenient, accurate and affordable way to give you peace of mind and reduce the risk of your pet becoming lost forever.”

Pet owners have the option to register their pets either online at or by filling out an registration form provided by their veterinarian. Using the number on the pet’s rabies tag, along with other pertinent information, pets are added to the site’s database. A red tag is then sent to the pet owner who attaches it to the pet’s collar along with the rabies tag.

The red tag includes the message, “I am lost. Visit to find my home.” If a pet becomes lost, the finder of the pet will be asked to provide information taken directly from the pet’s rabies tag. The site’s search engine will then look to match your veterinarian’s name, phone number, and the unique rabies tag number, which was provided during’s registration process.

First time pet owner registration for 1 pet is $7.00, 2 pets $12.00, 3 pets $16.00 and 4 or more pets $20.00 flat fee. Renewal is $4 per pet upon expiration of a pet’s current rabies vaccination.

Veterinarians will be able to take advantage of the resources that provides. In addition to allowing vets to identify owners of lost pets quickly and easily, the web service will automatically send annual health exam notifications to their clients and list their practices in its Vets for Pets section of the site.

For more information contact Mike Astrachan, Marketing Director, at 816-363-0799, or email at or Deborah Welsh, President, at 816-444-5480, or e-mail at


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