Award Winners The CWA Communications Contest

Every year the CWA honors the year’s best communicators on cat topics with a variety of awards. Here are this year’s Certificate of Excellence winners. Visit the Cat Writers’ Web site to learn more.

Monthly Magazine

  • Susan Logan, editor (Cat Fancy Magazine)

Magazine Article – Health and General Care

  • Arnold Plotnick, DVM (“Dangerous Drugs,” Cat Fancy)
  • Arnold Plotnick, DVM (“Breathe Easy,” Cat Fancy)
  • Arnold Plotnick, DVM (“Take Chare of Inflammatory Bowel Disease,” Cat Fancy)
  • Arnold Plotnick, DVM (“Breast Cancer in Cats,” Cat Fancy)
  • Dusty Rainbolt (“Orphan Basics,” Cat Fancy)
  • Sandy Robins (“(Cat)Nip-Tuck,” Cat Fancy)

Magazine Article – Behavior and Training

  • Susan Ewing (“Good Kitty!” Cats USA)
  • Mary Anne Miller (“Take the Lead,” Cat Fancy)
  • Nancy Peterson (“Educating Cat Owners,” Veterinary Technician)
  • Darlene Arden (“Cat Training Is Not An Oxymoron,” Dogs in Canada 2007 Annual)
  • Amy Shojai (“Cat Meets Dog – Bringing Magic Home,” Animal Behavior Consulting: Theory and Practice)
  • Arnold Plotnick, DVM (“Don’t Eat That!” Cat Fancy)
  • Wendy Bedwell-Wilson (“Solutions for a Scratch-happy Cat,” Cat Fancy)
  • Farrell Clancy (“The Scoop on Litter,” Kittens USA)

Magazine Article – Any Other Topic

  • Katina Antoniades (“Highlighting the Wallflowers,” Animal Sheltering)
  • Susan Ewing (“The Joys of Toys,” Kittens USA)
  • Nina Malkin (“Cats in Crisis,” All Animals)
  • Nancy Peterson (“Caring for Feral Cats in the Clinic,” Veterinary Technician)
  • Sandy Robins (“Garden Delights,” Cat Fancy)
  • Sandy Robins (“Clergy Cats,” Cat Fancy)
  • Sandy Robins (“Project Bay Cat,” Cat Fancy)
  • Marilyn Sansom (“Three of a Kind,” Guideposts Magazine)

Magazine Column

  • Susan Logan, editor (“Editor’s Note,” Cat Fancy)
  • Dusty Rainbolt (“Dear Hobbes,” City and Country Magazine)

Newspaper Article

  • Sally Bahner (“Runny Eyes? Stuffy Nose? It May Be Feline Herpes,” Pets Press)
  • Steve Dale (“Classes Help Kitties Avoid Catty Behavior, Tribune Media Services)
  • Steve Dale (“Panel Issues New Guidelines for Kitten Vaccines,” Tribune Media Services)
  • Steve Dale (“Investigation of Tainted Food Widens,” Tribune Media Services)
  • Kari Winters (“Wuffy the Cat Rescuing Dog,” Pets Press)
  • Kari Winters (“Dealing with Grief,” Pet Press)

Newspaper Column

  • Steve Dale (My Pet World column, Tribune Media Services)
  • Amy Shojai (“Petiquette,” Herald Democrat)
  • Joan Lowell Smith (“Concerning Animals,” The Star-Ledger)
  • Kari Winters (“The Health Corner,” Pet Press)

Newsletter – Breed Specific

  • Lynn Thompson (National Alliance of Burmese Breeders)

Newsletter – National Circulation

  • Arden Moore, editor (Catnip)

Newsletter – Regional or Membership Circulation

  • Mike Frise, editor (Feline Conservation Federation)
  • Louise Holton, editor (Alley Cat Mews)
  • Nancy Marano, editor (Petroglyphs)

Newsletter Article – Health or General Care

  • J. Anne Helgren (“Radioiodine Treatment,” Purina Pro Club Update)
  • J. Anne Helgren (“New Genetic Test,” Purina Pro Club Update)
  • Arden Moore (“Cats Get Heartworm, Too,” Catnip)
  • Audrey Pavia (“Diagnosis: Lymphoma,” Catnip)
  • Audrey Pavia (“Treating Corneal Ulcer,” Catnip)
  • Arnold Plotnick, DVM (“Update on CRF,” Catnip)
  • Arnold Plotnick, DVM (“Gingivitis: Oral Agony,” Catnip)
  • Arnold Plotnick, DVM (“Spotlight on Bartonella,” Catnip)
  • Kim Thornton (“Anesthesia Advances,” Catnip)

Newsletter Article – Behavior and Training

  • Marilyn Krieger (“Bengal Cats: A Study in Behavior,” Animal Behavior Consulting: Theory and Practice)
  • Fran Pennock Shaw (“One and Only,” Catnip)

Newsletter Article – Other Topics

  • Audrey Pavia (“Four Unusual Breeds,” Catnip)
  • Arnold Plotnick, DVM (“Insights into Cat Hoarding,” Catnip)
  • Dusty Rainbolt (“Safety-Minded Enclosures,” Catnip)
  • Dusty Rainbolt (“Products for Indoor Cats,” Catnip)
  • Fran Pennock Shaw (“Cats Are Not Small Dogs,” Catnip)
  • Amy Shojai (“Adopting Golden Oldies,” Catnip)
  • Kim Thornton (“Allergy-Free Cats?” Catnip)
  • Elissa Wolfson (“Rescuing One Million Cats,” Catnip)
  • Elissa Wolfson (“Facts on Fostering,” Catnip)

Newsletter Column

  • Nancy Marano (“Cat Chat,” Petroglyphs)
  • Arden Moore, editor (“Editor’s Note,” Catnip)


  • Dr. Joan Digby (“Feral Poetry,” Massapequa Post)
  • Susan Easterly (“Notes on Ziba,” lajoie)

Special Publication

  • Robin Day, editor (Indy Feral Calendar 2007)
  • Jackie Franza, editor (Cats Magazine)
  • Jackie Franza, editor (Kittens USA)
  • Paula Jaworski (Just One Litter, The Humane Society of the United States)

Opinion Piece, Essay or Editorial

  • Joanne Anderson (“Mandatory Shelter Spay/Neuter,” Babylon Beacon)
  • Amy Shojai (“Dr. James R. Richards, A Lasting Legacy,”
  • Debra J. White (“Responsible Pet Owners Can Help Limit Euthanasia,” Arizona Republic)

Books – Fiction

  • Carole Nelson Douglas (Cat in a Quicksilver Caper, Tor/Forge Books)
  • Bonnie Pemberton (The Cat Master, Marshall Cavendish)

Books For Children

  • Susan Meyers (Kittens! Kittens! Kittens! Abrams Books for Young Readers)
  • Helen Wilbur (M is for Mew)

Books – Health and General Care

  • Sandy Meyer (Complete Care Made Easy – Kittens: A Guide to Caring for Your Kitten, BowTie Press)

Books – Training and Behavior

  • Arden Moore (The Cat Behavior Answer Book, Storey Publishing)

Gift Book

  • Knox and Sara Neeley (Urban Tails, New World Library)
  • Elissa Wolfson (101 Cool Games for Cool Cats, Rockwell House)

Books – Other

  • T.J. Banks (Catsong)
  • Liz Palika (The Ultimate Cat Treat Cookbook, Wiley)
  • Dusty Rainbolt (Ghost Cats: Human Encounters with Feline Spirits, Lyons Press)

Radio or Other Audio Presentation

  • Steve Dale (“The Pet Minute,” Black Dog Radio Productions)
  • Steve Dale (“Steve Dale’s Pet World, Show #114,” Black Dog Radio Productions)

Online Magazine or Newsletter

  • Mary Anne Miller (

Online Article

  • Steve Dale (“How Long Has This Been Going On? Our Pets Paid a Price for Months, Even Years,”
  • Bernadette Kazmarski (“Senior Cat Care: Beyond Food and Water,”
  • Bernadette Kazmarski (“Feline Intelligence,”
  • Arden Moore (“Henry: The Feline Pen Pal,” Animal
  • Sandy Robins (“Are you a real cat lover?”

Online Column

  • Marilyn Krieger (“Ask the Cat Coach,” Animal Radio Newsletter)
  • Amy Shoja (“Cat Chow: Ask a Mentor,” Cat Chow Emotional Health)
  • Kim Thornton (“Creature Comforts,”


Black and White Photograph (single)

  • Audrey Pavia (“Brothers,” Catnip)

Black and white photograph (series)

  • Sandra Toney (“Simply Shorthaired,” I Love Cats)

Color photograph (single)

  • Ryan Hutchinson (“Chewy – Mr. June,” Bide Awhile Shelter)
  • Betsy Stowe (“Waiting for 5:00,” CFA Fanc-e-Mews)
  • Betsy Stowe (“Waiting for Santa,” CFA Fanc-e-Mews)

Color photograph (series)

  • Weems Hutto (“Orphan Basics,” Cat Fancy)
  • Betsy Stowe (“Limerick Pix,” CFA Fanc-e-Mews)


  • Jane Denny (The Pride Cartoon episodes)
  • Stephanie Piro (My Cat Loves Me Naked, Sourcebooks)


  • Stephanie Piro (Paws for Thoughts, Rockwell House)
  • Stephanie Piro (101 Cool Games for Cool Cats, Rockwell)
  • Drew Strouble (Wild Things, self published)

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