AVMF Issues Call for America’s Favorite Veterinarian Nominees

(SCHAUMBURG, Illinois) March 7, 2013—Has a spectacular veterinarian made a difference in your life? The American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF), the charitable arm of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), is seeking nominations for amazing doctors of veterinary medicine from all aspects of the veterinary profession.

“This year, the AVMA is celebrating its 150th anniversary and the AVMF is celebrating its 50th anniversary,” said Ginger Brainard, chair of the America’s Favorite Veterinarian Task Force. “Throughout the history of these organizations, veterinarians have made incredible contributions to the health and welfare of both people and animals. Anyone who loves their veterinarian, whether they be companion animal, food animal, equine, academia, research, military, industry or the many other diverse aspects of veterinary medicine, are encouraged to nominate these great doctors for a chance to be named America’s Favorite Veterinarian.”

To nominate a veterinarian:

  • Visit the AVMF Facebook page “Nominate Your Vet” app;
  • Submit a short story—250 words or less—on why this veterinarian deserves to be America’s Favorite Veterinarian;
  • Upload a photo of your pet, your pet and your favorite veterinarian, or your favorite veterinarian;
  • Deadline June 1, 2013.


America’s Favorite Veterinarian will receive a named donation to the AVMF and the nominator will win $250. Both will receive a trip to the AVMA Annual Convention in Chicago to attend the AVMF Impact and Partner Breakfast on July 21, 2013, where the winner will also receive complimentary registration.


The contest’s panel of judges includes:

  • Steve Dale, syndicated pet columnist and host of “Steve Dale’s Pet World”;
  • Dr. Bernadine D. Cruz, a small animal veterinarian and radio and television personality;
  • Ginger Brainard, chair of the America’s Favorite Veterinarian Task Force;
  • Kimberly Topper, member of the AVMF Board of Directors; and
  • Dr. Susan Giovengo, senior director of Central Garden & Pet Co.

# # #

The AVMA, founded in 1863, is one of the oldest and largest veterinary medical organizations in the world, with more than 84,000 member veterinarians worldwide engaged in a wide variety of professional activities and dedicated to the art and science of veterinary medicine.


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