AVMA Tips for Socializing Dogs During a Time of Social Distancing


This period of social distancing is a tough time for everyone, but especially for our very social pups. Here are some great tips from our friends at AVMA who created a list to help you manage your pups social life during this time.

The following activities will help guide pet owners through dog socialization during COVID-19, helping to prepare their animals for life when physical distancing is not the norm. During this process, it’s important that pet owners reward engagement with praise, play, and treats to create a positive experience, which encourages pets to enjoy new experiences without becoming fearful or aggressive.

Go for a walk: This provides opportunities for exposure to a variety of new stimuli and experiences. Just like with other members of your family, be sure to maintain at least 6 feet of separation from other people and other dogs.

Go for a car ride: Short, consistent rides get pets used to traveling in a car.

Let dogs explore indoors: Allow them to inspect a variety of toys or common home objects. Be sure to supervise them so no injuries, chewing, or ingestion occurs.

Work with the crate: Acclimate dogs to their carrier or crate. The first step of crate training is helping pets recognize it as their safe space.

Prepare for veterinary visits: Get dogs used to different types of handling, such as playing with their paws, tail, or ears. This will help get them ready for nail trims, thermometers, medication, and other exam activities.

Maintain routine: Keeping a schedule similar to the us

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