AVMA: The Launch of a New Era


AVMA: Advancing the profession and engaging members

(BOSTON, Massachusetts) July 11, 2015–The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) today launched a new era for the organization during its annual convention in Boston. With the introduction of the “Our Passion. Our Profession” initiative, AVMA members’ voices, ideas and diverse perspectives will help advance the profession more than ever before.

Over the course of the AVMA’s 152-year history, the practice of veterinary medicine has become increasingly vital to all parts of society. In recognizing the growing need for an organization that continues to protect, promote and advance the entire veterinary profession, the AVMA listened to members’ ideas and concerns in order to enhance the organization’s ability to better serve members and advance collective interests.

Those lessons became the framework for this exciting new chapter of the AVMA’s ongoing commitment to veterinarians and the animals and people they serve. Input from the veterinary community was instrumental in helping the AVMA make the necessary enhancements that would help meet more of their members’ needs.

Some key findings from the research on what members want more of include:

  • Greater communication about advocacy work and current issues being addressed.
  • More digestible and bite-size information that delivers a clear message more effectively.
  • A larger and more diverse representation of all veterinarians, not just small-animal practitioners.
  • A more personalized experience that makes it easier to access information that relates to each segment of the profession.

“Members want to see communications that show how the AVMA is genuinely following through on their ideas and opinions, as well as acting on their behalf,” said AVMA President Dr. Ted Cohn. “We hope the new AVMA message, ‘Our Passion. Our Profession,’ reassures AVMA members that they are our passion and our profession. It also elicits a sense of pride among veterinarians and is grounded in the deep-rooted passion we have for  animals and our professional role in preserving both human and animal health.” 

“The message of ‘Our Passion. Our Profession’ speaks to our members in a very personal way,” said Mark Lenhart, AVMA chief marketing officer. “It serves to remind them of why they became veterinarians in the first place.”

The AVMA’s evolution will result in more active, vibrant communications between the association and its members.

“The purpose of this new initiative is to make members aware of their active role in the efforts of the AVMA, as well as engaging with them in a more collaborative manner that lets them know we’re listening and evolving with their needs,” Lenhart said.

“As we enter this new era for the organization, members will start to feel the positive changes as they interact with the AVMA,” said AVMA Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ron DeHaven. “As we increase our engagement with members, we will rely on their thoughts, ideas and passion to help us shape the AVMA as we progress into our next 150 years.”

For more information about the AVMA evolution, and to become more familiar with the new look and feel of the AVMA, please visit newavma.avma.org.


The AVMA, founded in 1863, is one of the oldest and largest veterinary medical organizations in the world, with more than 86,500 member veterinarians worldwide engaged in a wide variety of professional activities and dedicated to the art and science of veterinary medicine.

Our Passion. Our Profession.

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