AVMA animal welfare policies open for comment

As a member-driven organization, the AVMA relies on quality input from its members to shape its policies and actions. Recognizing the interest and passion animal welfare-related issues inspire, we are pleased to offer AVMA members the opportunity to provide comments on animal welfare-related policies that are under review and/or development.

Below, you will find links to animal welfare-related policies (or proposed policies) that are under consideration by the Animal Welfare Committee, which serves in an advisory capacity to the AVMA Executive Board. In conjunction with each policy we have included a due date for submission of comments and a brief description of the type of information being sought, together with background information on the policy and/or its topic. AVMA members may submit comments by clicking the “”Submit a Comment”” link adjacent to the policy of interest.

While the Animal Welfare Committee values AVMA member input, the comment submission process is not intended as a means by which a “”vote”” may be cast for or against a particular policy. Rather, it is an opportunity for AVMA members to provide substantive comment on topics in which they have a particular interest or about which they possess special expertise. As such, comments that are supported by appropriate citations from the scientific literature or verifiable practical data will be most useful for the Committee.

To protect our members’ privacy, comments submitted will not be made available for public review. However, a summary of comments received and the Animal Welfare Committee’s response to that input, including any action(s) taken, will be posted as information (see “”Status””) after discussions concerning a policy have concluded.

Thank you, in advance, for your interest, time, and input.

If you think you would like to serve on the AVMA’s Animal Welfare Committee, please visit the AVMA’s volunteer opportunities center for more information.


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