AVMA, AH Corridor & A Bit of Freddie Too!

This Saturday, July 31st, the 147th Annual AVMA Convention www.avmaconvention.org  kicks off in Atlanta.  This will be the 14th conference I’ve attended (it would be the 15th except I was in the hospital when everyone else was in Hawaii, but that’s another story!)   Since AVMA rotates the conferences, I’ve attended them in most every region of the country.  My first conference was in Pittsburgh, PA and it got me thinking about all the places I’ve been to conferences — and just where AVMA started.  I was thrilled to learn New York City was the place in 1863.   You can read more about it in our Pet IQ section at www.goodnewsforpets.com.

While I am a New Yorker and we’ve have become more New York centric, Kansas City continues to hold a special place.   It’s where our company and goodnewsforpets.com was founded and its the home of the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, www.KCAnimalHealth.com.

We are proud to be a lead sponsor for the “Late Night in the Corridor with Fintan Molloy” Homecoming event, www.KCAnimalHealth.com/homecoming  but also for the Investment Forum, where 21 early-stage companies will present their business plans.   I will also be a speaker at that event, and having attending both last year, I am encouraging anyone in animal health to follow the links at www.goodnewsforpets.com to register and attend both events.

Last but not least, I hope you will check out Freddie, our darling contest winner, in his Whiskers jacket.    If you are a dog or cat owner and haven’t entered one of our contests yet, this may be the time!  Visit www.goodnewsforpets.com for more details and you can win up to $100 in pet toys and also help your local shelter.

Hope to see some of you in Atlanta!


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