Atlanta Selected to Host 2008 CFA International Cat Show

ATLANTA, GA and MANASQUAN, NJ – September, 2008 – The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) has selected Atlanta as the host of the 2008 CFA International Cat Show. The largest cat show in the Western Hemisphere will showcase the world’s finest pedigreed felines at the Georgia International Convention Center from November 21 – 23, 2008. This event will feature 900 pedigreed cats from around the world competing in several categories, including the prestigious “Best Cat in Show.”

This one-of-a-kind three-day show is open to the public and gives attendees an opportunity to experience a memorable and family-friendly experience in the heart of Atlanta. In addition to being able to view the formal judging competition and award ceremonies, cat lovers will have easy access to the finest selection of high-end cat-related products and advice from hundreds of anticipated exhibitors.

Highlights from the upcoming CFA show include:

  • CFA Feline Agility Competition – which will highlight the grace, athleticism and curiosity which makes cats so much fun to watch in action
  • Breed Showcase – where a CFA judge will handle 18 to 20 CFA breeds-including a mixture of retired show cats and kittens—and answer questions from curious cat lovers

“We’re extremely excited to bring this unique showcase of the world’s finest pedigreed felines to the heart of the southeast,” said Allene Tartaglia, CFA Executive Director. “This is the perfect venue to give participants from around the world an opportunity to share their passion for these fantastic felines in a comfortable and easily-accessible location. In addition to the exciting judging competition, the 2008 CFA International Cat Show will give cat lovers of all types an opportunity to discover a wide array of cat-related products and services-all in one convenient place.”

The show, which will be marking its 20th anniversary this year, will be making its first appearance in Atlanta since 1997. This is also the first time in eleven years the show has been east of the Mississippi River.


Leading up to the official event period, special activities will be conducted in Atlanta to welcome the hundreds of participants to “Catlanta.” In addition, there will be organized events to educate the general public about pedigreed breeds and household cats, and provide useful information on responsible cat ownership and proper care.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to host this prestigious, world-class event in Atlanta,” said Jo Ann Haden-Miller, Director of Cultural & Heritage Marketing for the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau. “We hope attendees of the 2008 CFA

International Cat Show take full advantage of Atlanta’s legendary southern hospitality as we welcome cat lovers and their wonderful companions from around the world. We look forward to working with the CFA to put together a spectacular show.”

CFA recognizes 40 breeds of pedigreed cats, and 900 cats are expected to attend the show. Among the breeds that may be found at the show are the very popular and easily-recognized Persian and Siamese, as well as the impressive Maine Coon, the elegant Cornish Rex, the long and lean Oriental, and unique hairless Sphynx.

The judging panel will truly be world-class, with judges from across the United States joined by participants from around the world, including Europe and Asia, who will have their entries evaluated by this panel of experts in a number of categories, and judged according to a written standard for its breed. A breed standard is precise enough to allow judges to evaluate cats accurately, and flexible enough to leave room for differences in interpretation between judges.

Georgia International Convention Center
200 Convention Center Concourse
College Park, GA 30337

Friday, November 21: – Noon – 6:30 p.m.
Saturday, November 22: – 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday, November 23: – 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Admission: Ticket prices are $8 for adults and $6 for children and senior citizens, and free for those 5 or younger. Tickets can be purchased at the door. Attendees can save $1 by using a printable coupon available at: One coupon per ticket per person– may not be combined with any other offers.

For more information, such as a complete schedule of events and other show highlights, please visit

About The Cat Fancier’s Association, Inc.

Founded in 1906 as a non-profit association of member clubs, The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. (CFA) is the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats. To date, CFA has registered more than 2 million pedigreed cats throughout the world. CFA’s mission is to preserve the uniqueness and beauty of the pedigree breeds of cats, and to enhance the well being of ALL cats. CFA promotes education, responsible cat ownership and proper care to the owners of millions of cats worldwide. The CFA, headquartered in Manasquan, New Jersey, administers rules for the management of cat shows and promotes the interest of breeders and exhibitors of pedigreed cats. CFA breeders, exhibitors, judges and fans span the globe, annually hosting over 400 competitions on four continents. CFA and its affiliates work nationally with local shelters, at a grassroots level, to help improve the problem of stray cats and abuse, and to encourage neuter/spay programs. CFA has been instrumental in the development of several international charitable organizations such as CFA Disaster Relief and The Winn Feline Foundation. To learn more about the Cat Fanciers’ Association, the pedigreed breeds of cats, or to find the nearest CFA cat show, visit their web site at


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