Assisi Embraces Vet Tech Role in Pain Management


Graziano Appointed to Assisi Animal Health Sales and Customer Service Manager

Assisi Animal Health has hired Michelle Graziano to strengthen its support to veterinary technicians and the veterinary community. Ms. Graziano will provide training and product information on the company’s therapeutic solutions. This includes the Assisi Loop®, an NPAID® (Non-Pharmaceutical Anti-Inflammatory Device) that uses FDA-cleared technology to manage and treat a pet’s pain and inflammation. Additionally, Graziano will assist veterinary technicians in helping pet owners manage their pet’s surgical recovery and advanced degenerative conditions at home, through use of the Assisi Loop® and related devices.

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Michelle Graziano, Assisi Animal Health Sales and Customer Service Manager

“We believe the veterinarian plays the primary role in diagnosing and prescribing therapies for treating pain in the pets that are entrusted to their care,” said Frank Russo, Chief Operating Officer of Assisi Animal Health. “We also understand that the veterinary technician stands on the frontline of providing the care prescribed by the veterinarian. Vet techs also provide necessary instructions to pet owners and follow up with clients to make sure they understand and properly treat their pets. Michelle’s background inside the veterinary community makes her an ideal candidate to support vet techs in their critical position in the Assisi ‘circle of care,’” Russo said.

Graziano has been active in the companion animal industry for 16 years as a technician, and has provided service to veterinary clinics as a territory manager for American Veterinary Supply Corp. and Henry Schein Animal Health, distributors of animal health solutions to veterinarians.

She most recently served as practice manager for Sycamore Veterinary Hospital, a full-service, small animal hospital in Newton, PA. Her responsibilities included training staff and ensuring pet owners were satisfied with the care provided by the hospital’s team.

“My passion for pets has formed my career,” Graziano said. “As part of this, I’ve seen the care and compassion provided by teams of veterinarians and veterinary technicians. I’m thrilled to continue to offer veterinarians and the pets they treat, a technology for acute, post-op and chronic conditions, without the adverse side effects often associated with NSAIDs and steroids.”

About Assisi Animal Health

Assisi Animal Health is a science-based company dedicated to offering therapeutic solutions to veterinary professionals treating vexing, recalcitrant or recurring medical conditions. The Assisi Loop is sold only to veterinary professionals or to pet owners with a veterinary prescription. The company helps veterinary professionals and pet owners collaborate in delivering the optimal level of care to animals, in-clinic and in the home. For more information, visit Assisi Animal Health. Follow Assisi Animal Health on Twitter or Facebook.


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