Assalco Zoomark 2011 Report: the Italian Sector of Pet Food and Supplies is Still Growing

The sector of pet food is healthy: despite the crisis, it increased by 2.2%, and the total value of the segment exceeds 1.5 billions Euro. It is a positive indication for the sector, but also for the life quality of pets living in nearly half of the Italian families.

Bologna, 12th May 2011 " The XIV Zoomark International, the exhibition of pet products and supplies, opens today at BolognaFiere with the inauguration of Assalco " Zoomark 2011 Report. The report focuses on the economic situation of the market of pet food and care products in Italy, on the main trends and the most recent news on the situation of pets in families and society.

According to the figures, the Italian market for pet food and supplies grows despite the crisis, as shown by the increase in the main segment: food for cats and dogs has increased by 2.2%. in 2010, the pet market reached 1,536 million Euro: 627 million from dog food and 836 million from cat food. The figures refer to the main distribution channels: large-scale retail trade1 and specialized shops.

The 2011 Report is the result of the partnership between Assalco (the Italian Association of Pet Food and Pet Care Industries) and Zoomark International 2011 (international exhibition of pet products and supplies). The report was published in collaboration with ANMVI (National Association of Italian Veterinarians) and with the support of Parma University " Adem Lab, according to the data provided by SymphonyIRI, leading provider of market analysis.

The sector of food for other pets amounts to 21 million Euro: the market experienced a drop of 1.1% in large-scale retail trade. The non-food sector, that is to say products dedicated to care, hygiene, beauty, comfort and toys, has increased by 4.5% in large scale-retail trade, with 59 million Euros globally. The segment of cat litter also experienced a positive trend. It is one of the strongest non-food segment in large scale retail trade, and its value amounts to almost 63 million Euro, with a growth of 3.7% compared to the previous year.

Figures show that the growth potential in Italy is still elevated: currently, 60% of pets are fed with industrial food rather than home-made food or leftovers (57% for dogs and 64% for cats): it is far below the average standard of West European countries, which amounts to 80%2. The percentage increased because an increasing number of pet owners buy pet food in order to provide their pet with a balanced and correct nutrition, which is fundamental for their health and well-being. However, we are still far from the average standard of developed countries.

The Report has been developed in collaboration with ANMVI3. It contains the result of the survey developed in collaboration with SIMV4, which shows an increase in the attention of veterinarian customers towards the correct nutrition of their pet. 85.6% of customers turn to veterinarians for nutritional tips. Today, pet owners are very attentive to the health of pets, and they are aware that the the correct nutrition is important for their well-being, just like prevention and regular examinations.

Antonio Manfredi, ANMVI’s director-general, says that “”our future goal is to reduce the VAT on veterinary service and on pet food: from current 20%, typical for luxury goods, to 10%, in line with most food products. Nearly half of Italian families lives with pets: they must not be considered a luxury””.

41% of families owns a pet: in Italy there are 7 million dogs, 7,5 million cats, 2 million rabbits, one million turtles and 40 million fish and birds. The passion for pets spreads in Italian families: the pet becomes an emotional centre for adults and children, a topic to talk about, a stimulus to spend more time together and a catalyst of love that relieves domestic strain5. Besides the famous beneficial effects of pet therapy, pets improve the quality of life by just being there.

In such scenario, which is generally positive as far as future expectations are concerned, pet business people will meet at Zoomark International 2011, the year’s international event held in BolognaFiere from 12th to 15th May 2011.

  1. Hypermarket, supermarket and superette
  2. Euromonitor
  3. National Association of Italian Veterinarians
  4. Italian Society for Veterinary Management

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