April 2008

The American Heartworm Society (AHS) is always encouraging prevention and working to disseminate as much information about heartworm disease to veterinarians and pet owners as possible. Thanks to Pfizer Animal Health’s sponsorship of AHS’s publicity program, the message can get out at this particularly crucial time where, for many states across the nation, spring time means mosquito time.

Although mosquitoes are a visual, annoying proof of heartworm disease risk, the AHS encourages year-round prevention for several reasons. One reason is to avoid the lung damage caused by the recently defined Heartworm Associated Respiratory Disease, or HARD, an occurrence in cats related to heartworm infection. Like feline heartworm disease, HARD is very difficult to diagnose. It causes serious damage to a cat’s lungs, and so it is best prevented. Read more in our Top Story and also at www.heartwormsociety.org.

We are also highlighting the AHS in this special issue of Goodnewsforpets.com because of a number of other announcements: Dr. Robert Stannard has joined the Society’s executive board and there are several updates to www.heartwormsociety.org for members and young visitors. Fort Dodge Animal Health continues to sponsor the AHS Web site and made these great additions possible.

Veterinarians, please also note and take advantage of the heartworm webinars offered free of charge to AHS and AAHA members in April and May. Learn more at www.heartwormsociety.org.

Best Regards,

Lea-Ann Germinder, APR Publisher lgerminder@germinder.com


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