Annie, A Special Kind of Cat

Publisher’s Note: This column is the ninth in a series “countdown” highlighting the ten 10th Anniversary iPadT< contest winners, a bit of the “story behind the story. Winner and videographer Shane Free is another cat lover extraordinaire. What struck us about this video was Shane’s commitment to keeping his cat healthy " despite all odds. Don’t forget to check out the link to the Los Angeles Animal Services, his local rescue group that received a $500 matching donation to help other pets.

By Shane Free

I grew up with a cat, I like how they are self sufficient yet still have strong personalities. I wanted to show that we treat Annie as a member of the family, even as her health fails her, we do what we can to help her improve and feel better.

I adopted Annie from a friend who was leaving the country, I had a kitten that died as a result of a terrible infection so now I am much more aware of any health concerns with Annie.

One day I noticed she was very thirsty, drinking a lot more fluid than normal. We decided not to travel with her to avoid any unneeded stress to her. I would recommend pet owners be aware of any out of the norm behavior with their animals.

I have had my veterinarian for a while, so I knew where to go. He is very good at explaining what is going on inside Annie’s body and giving us our options in order to maximize her recovery.

Annie is very loving and enjoys being with us. I have wanted to do a video with Annie so the contest made sense, and it seemed like a simple assignment with a big return for my time. I’ve used the ipad for travel, as we fly a lot.

I just want animals to be treated with the same respect as people, I can’t stand when people don’t treat their animals well.

The Los Angeles Animal Services helps animals who are in need of medicine or surgery, so I thought it was relevant to our situation. Please check it out.


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