The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America has provided pet owners with the following basic animal care tips to follow to ensure their pet’s general good health:

SEE YOUR VETERINARIAN: Pets should be seen by veterinarians at least once a year. In addition to their annual vaccinations, they should receive a general physical, which includes a dental exam, a heart check and a lab analysis.

PROVIDE A PROPER DIET & EXERCISE PROGRAM: Obesity is one of the number one health problems in dogs and cats, and contributes to a variety of other serious health problems, including heart disease and arthritis. When deciding on the proper diet for your pet, talk to your veterinary technician about what type of food and how much to feed. Refrain from table scraps. In addition to adding to obesity, many human foods are too rich for pets and may make them sick. Provide your pet with plenty of opportunity for exercise.

SPAY OR NEUTER: Pet overpopulation is rampant. NAVTA recommends you ask your veterinary technician about spaying or neutering all pets to ensure that your pet doesn’t contribute to pet overpopulation.

IMMUNIZE: Regular immunization of your pets is still one of the most important tools to keep pets healthy.

PROVIDE SAFE AND PROPER SHELTER: Providing pets with proper shelter from the cold and heat is essential to their health and well being. Fur coats don’t protect pets from the elements in the winter, and can contribute to heat stroke in the summer. Outside pets should be given an insulated doghouse with shade and inside pets should be kept inside during extreme weather conditions. And always, a pet’s environment should be clear of poisons and other hazards.

REMEMBER DENTAL HEALTH: Just like humans, pets need to care for their teeth. Gum disease can contribute to heart problems and many other illnesses in pets. Make sure you ask your veterinary technician about a proper dental care program for your pet.



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