And the news keeps a’comin

This is a year with alot of news.   Really big merger news.  Really big political news.  Really big recall news.  Is there good news?  Try as I might, it just isn’t possible to stop the big news from coming.

The last big goodnewsforpets news was about Mordecai Siegal’s passing.  Admittedly his death gave me a very big pause.  I just didn’t feel up to writing much but I certainly was reading alot.   His columns were also re-read by many, which was a great comfort.   I am still trying to decide how to pay him proper tribute, so I’ve decided to leave his columns up for a bit more.

So where do we go from here?  Well, with the news not stopping and summer upon us,  I couldn’t just keep observing — it’s time to get back to writing and communicating.    We are thrilled to have our Summer Fun contest — this time it’s a video contest but we decided to add a photo component to give people another option for sharing their summertime fun.  Check it out and enter for a chance to win a $100 of pet toys for the winning video; $50 in toys for the winning photo and a matching gift for each to the winner’s favorite local shelter.

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine has been in the news, between hosting Congressman Schrader, (D-Oregon) as commencement speaker to receiving American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accreditation of their veterinary hospital — the first outside of North America.

I am very excited to be involved with this year’s Kansas City Homecoming event featuring Jack Hanna.  We’ve been sponsoring and attending this very worthwhile networking event since its inception.  Now we are further involved in getting the good word out about all that is happening with the Corridor.

And the news keeps a’comin, and a’comin, and a’comin…and is here to share it.   Enjoy the summer and we hope to have you stop in with a comment or two.


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