American Humane Association, U.S. War Dogs Association, And Red Bank Veterinary Hospital Announce Free Specialty Veterinary Care For All Returning Military Working Dogs And Contract Working Dogs


Announcement follows American Humane Association’s participation in 2014 Veterans Day Parade, where the importance of four-footed veterans showcased to nation

New York, N.Y., November 11, 2014 – In honor of Veterans Day and in celebration of Military Hero Dogs, today American Humane Association, the U.S. War Dogs Association, and New Jersey’s Red Bank Veterinary Hospital announced they will be providing free specialty veterinary care to all retiring military working dogs and contract working dogs. The announcement comes on the same day that American Humane Association, the first national humane organization, took to the streets of Manhattan with six recently reunited war dog teams to march in the 2014 America’s Parade, highlighting the importance of military and contract working dogs to the nation’s military and their heroic soldier handlers on the other end of the leash.

Each military working dog and contract working dog is estimated to save the lives of between 150-200 human soldiers by sniffing out deadly, hidden IEDs and weapons caches, which makes their involvement in military operations crucial. When off duty, these dogs provide comfort and a reminder of home to their fellow soldiers, who consider them to be more than dogs, but their fellow brothers and sisters in arms. Following their retirement from active duty, however, these dogs often face many medical problems, and while regulations stipulate that a system may be established for the medical care of retired working dogs, such regulations prohibit federal funding. Red Bank Veterinary Hospital will use its five hospitals across New Jersey and highly trained medical staff to provide first-rate specialty care for these dogs once retiring from military duty.

In July, American Humane Association addressed members of Congress and the media at a special briefing on Capitol Hill in Washington and issued a call to action for private industry to join forces with American Humane Association and U.S. War Dogs Association to create a veterinary care fund. Today’s announcement provides for specialty veterinary care, which is often quite expensive for those families who adopt retired military and contract working dogs.

“At our Capitol Hill briefing in July we not only called on the Congress to ensure a safe ride home and happy retirement for all military working dogs and contract working dogs, but we also asked the private sector to step up and establish a veterinary care fund for these dogs after they come home,” said American Humane Association President and CEO Dr. Robin Ganzert. “We and U.S. War Dogs Association are honored to see that the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital have answered our call to ensure a healthy retirement for these canine heroes.”

“Dogs are as essential to the military as humans, but unlike humans, these dogs are not guaranteed medical care following their retirement,” added Ron Aiello, President of the U.S. War Dogs Association. “We are pleased to work with American Humane Association and Red Bank Veterinary Hospital to provide essential, lifesaving veterinary care for these brave four-legged warriors.”

“For more than 25 years, Red Bank Veterinary Hospital has been a leader in providing veterinary care to the animals of New Jersey, but we now want to be known as the leader in veterinary care for our veteran dogs,” said Dr. Anthony DeCarlo, co-founder of Red Bank Veterinary Hospital. “American Humane Association and the U.S. War Dogs Association have done laudable work in helping to bring home these heroes and give them the recognition they deserve, and it is the least we can do to use our world-class team of veterinary professionals to provide whatever care the dogs may need.”

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About American Humane Association
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About United States War Dogs Association
The United States War Dogs Association, Inc. is a nonprofit organization of Former and Current US Military Dog Handlers and supporting members committed to supporting our Military Working Dogs and their Handlers, promoting the long history of the Military Working Dogs, establishing permanent War Dog Memorials, and educating the public about the invaluable service of these canines to our country. Our background in Military War Dog service and our dedication to honoring the memory of the service and sacrifice of the US Military Working Dogs gives us a unique perspective that we be can use to educate the public on the history of Military War Dogs.

Today, we not only support U.S. Military Working Dogs when they are on Active Duty and deployed around the world, but we continue to support these War Dog Heroes in their retirement years through our many programs.  For more information, visit us

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