American Heartworm Society Announces 2004 Symposium

The American Heartworm Society today announced the Triennial American Heartworm Society “State of the Heartworm Symposium ’04” will be held July 23, 24, & 26, 2004 in conjunction with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) in Philadelphia, Penn. The symposium has previously been a stand-alone event. However, in a move to encourage practicing veterinarians’ participation in the American Heartworm Society, the board of directors voted to host the event during the American Veterinary Medical Association convention.

“There is a misconception that we as veterinarians know all there is to know about heartworm disease. That is not the case. This year’s symposium is tailored towards the practicing veterinarian and includes cutting-edge information on the pathology of heartworm infections, epidemiology, zoonosis, therapy and chemoprophylaxis,” said Jorge Guerrero, Symposium Program Chair and Adjunct Professor of Parasitology at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine.

The symposium brings together the leading authorities for discussion on the latest research and findings on heartworm disease, treatment and prevention. Fourteen leading international authorities will present seminars on these significant topics essential to the understanding and management of heartworm disease. Continuing education credit is available for all veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Rather than produce a stand-alone proceeding and to expedite publication of the papers presented, the American Heartworm Society will have a special issue of Veterinary Parasitology devoted to the presentations.

This year, Fort Dodge Animal Health is taking a lead sponsor role with a special promotional campaign for the symposium that includes underwriting veterinary journal ads, promotion at national veterinary trade conferences and distribution of information about the symposium to veterinarians.

“We are pleased to partner with the American Heartworm Society to reach out to as many practicing veterinarians as possible. Every practicing veterinarian will benefit from the information presented,” said Craig Wallace, Director of Companion Animal Business, Domestic Sales and Marketing, Fort Dodge Animal Health.

Other symposium program sponsors include Heska, Idexx, Pfizer, Merial, Novartis and Bayer.

Veterinarians may register for the symposium in one of three ways:

1) Log on to to download a registration form.

2) Call (630) 262-1997 and ask to have the information mailed.

3) Send an email to

More information can also be downloaded from the American Heartworm Society website at

Founded during the Heartworm Symposium of 1974, the American Heartworm Society was formed to facilitate and encourage the generation and dissemination of information about heartworm disease and encourages adoption of standardized procedures for its diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The American Heartworm Society stimulates and financially supports research, which furthers knowledge and understanding of the disease. Its headquarters are located in Batavia, IL.


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