American Heartworm Society And Fort Dodge Animal Health Partner On Ahs Website Relaunch

The American Heartworm Society (AHS) today announced the re-launch of the organization’s web site at www.heartwormsociety.orgas the preeminent source for heartworm information. The site is part ofa campaign funded by Fort Dodge Animal Health to provide the latestscientific information regarding the disease to veterinarians, petowners and the media. The objective of the campaign is to create anenhanced presence on the Internet for the AHS and convey a scientificmessage regarding the prevalence of heartworm disease.

“When veterinarians become a member of the American HeartwormSociety, they do so to learn more about the diagnosis, treatment andprevention of heartworm disease, and to be kept informed as to theadvances made in the research of this devastating disease. The site isan excellent vehicle for that purpose, and we appreciate corporatesupport to help continue to fulfill this mission,” said Don Doiron,president of the American Heartworm Society.

Pet owners and media representatives seeking more scientific data tounderstand heartworm disease will welcome the new site’s latestinformation. The relaunched site will also help the Society increaseawareness and understanding among the pet-owning public and the generalmedia regarding the prevalence of heartworm disease in pets, and thecontinued need for compliance to prevent heartworm infection in pets.

Although heartworm infection can cause serious complications inpets, it can be prevented. For dogs, there are a variety of options forpreventing heartworm infection, including daily and monthly tablets andchewables, monthly topicals and an injectable administered by yourveterinarian that provides protection for six months. All of thesemethods are extremely effective and when the drugs are administeredproperly on a timely schedule, heartworm infection can be completelyprevented.

“Fort Dodge is pleased to underwrite this important project andprovide our resources to help the American Heartworm Society bettercommunicate to veterinarians, pet owners and members of the media themost up-to-date information on the prevention and treatment ofheartworm disease in pets,” said Steve Hoffman, product manager forFort Dodge Animal Health. “As a company that is committed to providingthe veterinary community with the latest innovations, we are proud tobe a part of a project with such an important educational mission thatultimately benefits both the veterinary profession and pet health.”

The AHS also views the site as an important vehicle to communicate important upcoming Society events.

“As we head into our 2004 symposium, the site will continue to growas the preeminent source for veterinarians providing the latest inheartworm disease prevention and treatment. We encourage veterinariansto visit the site often as more information is posted regarding thisimportant upcoming event,” said Doiron.

Founded during the Heartworm Symposium of 1974, the AmericanHeartworm Society was formed to facilitate and encourage the generationand dissemination of information about heartworm disease and encourageadoption of standardized procedures for its diagnosis, treatment andprevention. The Society stimulates and financially supports research,which furthers knowledge and understanding of the disease. Itsheadquarters is located in Batavia, Ill.

Fort Dodge Animal Health, a division of Wyeth (NYSE:WYE), is aleading manufacturer and distributor of prescription andover-the-counter animal health care products for livestock, companionanimal, equine, swine and poultry industries in North America andinternational markets. The company is located in Overland Park, Ks.


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