All Pets Welcome…And Loved!

Publisher’s Note: This column is the second in a series “countdown” highlighting the ten 10th Anniversary iPad contest winners, a bit of the “story behind the story as each story was different. Winner Tanja Berkhouse has a virtual menagerie of pets and volunteers at the Pennsylvania Humane Society. Don’t forget to check out the Pennsylvania Humane Society website, the group Berkhouse naturally chose to receive her $500 matching donation to help other local pets.

I am always searching for websites that have animal related information. I read about the contest from your website and the most appealing to me was winning $500 for a shelter plus owning an iPad. I’ve already uploaded my pictures from my family including my pets.

I’d like to let readers know how happy I am to help the Pennsylvania Humane Society with the donation. The iPad is a bonus of course, but to share a story and show my pets in pictures is priceless to me!

We are a multi pet household. I spend a lot of time with my pets and I think that’s why they all get along. My husband and kids help me. My pets get along, but I do have my Chinchillas in a cage to keep them safe — ,just in case.

Our dog Kerstin with Our cat Messy Marvin

I have one German Shepherd (my first own dog). Her name is Kerstin(named after my best friend in Germany). She will be 6 years old in April and we have had her since she was 8 weeks old.

We have three cats. Crosby (named after Sidney Crosby) was adopted in 2007 when he was a tiny kitten. The next cat we adopted was in December, 2008. Her name is Marcia and she is very loving.

Then came Messy Marvin. We call him Messy Marvin because he is an all white cat and always gets dirty, or he gets into our trash — a typical alley cat. Messy Marvin is 8 months old and gangs up with my dog Kerstin all the time. My cats are all indoor cats to ensure their health and safety.

I bought two Chinchillas from a lady who didn’t want them anymore. To my surprise the female had a baby a few weeks later, so two chinchillas became three! My female chinchilla’s name is Juliet, the Dad’s name is Mc Lovin(he is very tame) and the baby was named Oops, since we had no idea he was going to part of the Berkhouse family!

I always would recommend adopting a pet, the unwanted, abused pets will make the best pets, because they KNOW they will get a second chance and will be the best pets ever. All the adopter needs to do is spend lots of time and give many hugs and kisses!


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