AKC Launches Redesigned Website, Logo


The American Kennel Club launched to the public a fully redesigned, mobile-optimized website

New York, NY – The American Kennel Club launched to the public a fully redesigned, mobile-optimized website, AKC.org, merging 130 years of canine expertise with world-class digital innovation to become the number one destination for all things dog.

The site launch also serves as the debut of AKC’s redesigned logo – a streamlined, modern take on the historic organization’s traditional brand symbol.

“We spent more than a year immersed in research and discovery to ensure we presented a redesigned platform that would not only serve the members of our sport, but also the millions of dog owners around the country,” said Dennis Sprung, President and CEO, AKC. “We are excited to present the new face of AKC – one that is progressive and inclusive while also staying true to our heritage.”

AKC worked closely with New York-based design firm Makeable to conceptualize and build the motif, structure and capabilities of the new site. In addition to the new look and feel, the site boasts expanded, shareable functionality on all breed pages that allows visitors to interact and connect with dog experts and fellow dog lovers in real time.

“Redesigning AKC.org presented an exciting and complex challenge for us,” said Tom Ajello, Co-Founder, Makeable. “This is a huge organization with a rich heritage and an unbelievable amount of knowledge to offer dog owners – but not all dog owners were engaging, particularly today’s most youthful and influential ones. This redesign marks the beginning of a series of groundbreaking innovations with AKC that not only tells the complete AKC story but also create the experience today’s dog lover (and their best friend) wants.”

The new site will also now implement a newsroom flow of continuous content, allowing AKC.org to become a daily destination for everything from training tips to health news to the latest in the pet product space.

“It was crucial that we take advantage of dog lovers’ passion for consuming, sharing and engaging to tell AKC’s story in a way that is digestible for any dog owner,” said Chris Walker, VP, Marketing and Communications, AKC.  “Over the past twelve months, the AKC has become the premier destination for dog conversations, and we look forward to increasing our growth in this space through our long-term development relationship with Makeable. This is only the beginning.”


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