The AKC Calming Coat is a Must Have for The Stormy Fall Season!


New York, NY – October 3, 2014 – The sky is cloudy and dark, lightning strikes, and thunder booms! Your canine companion has franticly fled the room in a panic and is now trembling under the bed. Many cats and dogs suffer from thunderstorm phobia, which is fear of loud storms and inclement weather conditions. Our pets are very sensitive and use their senses more keenly and consciously than people do.

The fall season has arrived and although autumn has a particular beauty to it, this time of year can also bring stormy weather. Pet anxiety often gets worse throughout the season as storms become more frequent. To witness our furry friends in distress and fear is heartbreaking. That’s why individuals with nervous pets must prepare for the stormy fall season ahead by wrapping their canine up in the American Kennel Club (AKC) Calming Coat!

The AKC Calming Coat uses a gentle, hugging technique that could be comparable to cradling a baby. This pressure allows your pet’s nervous system to be relaxed without discomfort for your furry friends. A product that is completely safe, drug-free and comfortable, the AKC Calming Coat is a great way to ensure your pet is secure, happy and anxiety-free. Learn more at:

Not only is it a great product that allows your pet to feel comfortable, the Calming Coat is now available in various colors as well including pink and blue. These fun colors allow you to dress up your pet in fashion-forward coats that calm their nerves and allow them to be happy and healthy through a season filled with thunderstorms and dreary weather.

Just like humans, pets suffering from stress and anxiety could have serious effects on their physical and mental wellbeing. Because thunderstorm phobia is likely to become worse over time, it is important to take action when you first notice the signs.

In addition to storms, our pets may suffer from other anxieties such as; car rides, vet visits, loud noises, as well as separation anxiety. The Calming Coat is a great solution for calming down our four-legged friends this stormy fall season and putting all of their anxieties at ease!

The AKC Calming Coat has had much success over the year. Just like dogs, our cats can suffer from anxiety and stress too. BH Pet Gear, creator of the AKC Calming Coat, recently launched Calm Cat. The Calm Cat will help our feline friends keep calm and meow on during any stressful situation!

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