AgLogica Announces First-Of-It’s-Kind Dog Behavior Monitoring System Available Only Through Veterinarians


AgLogica invites strategic partnerships for novel AGL system during Animal Health Investment Forum

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug. 26, 2014 — At today’s Animal Health Investment Forum in Kansas City, Missouri, AgLogica introduced an innovative solution for providing a higher level of care for dogs by better monitoring health programs and chronic-care conditions. The AGL Behavior Monitoring System uses noninvasive sensors attached to a collar to measure a dog’s various behaviors, transmitting alerts to both its owner and veterinarian when a significant change occurs. AgLogica presented background about this state-of-the-art system, which will be available only through veterinarians, to Investment Forum attendees, inviting partnerships from animal-health companies and others.

“What makes the AGL Behavior Monitoring System so unique is its ability to provide objective, quantified animal behaviors to the veterinarian, enabling these trained professionals to help dog owners proactively take steps to maintain pet health,” says Rich Shuler, AgLogica co-founder and chief operating officer. “And, the data pet owners and their veterinarians will receive is setting a standard for real-world, animal-health metrics that has never been seen. The system is based on animal-behavior algorithms developed by and exclusively licensed from Georgia Tech, a world leader in sensor innovations.”

Backed by a proven development team

One of just 14 companies invited to present at this year’s Animal Health Investment Forum, AgLogica is led by people with proven animal-health business and technology expertise, including a history of building successful companies in the animal-health sector. An integral part of the development team is ITLogica, which has built and managed systems with analytics about animals since 2002 — including one of the largest-ever cloud databases that provides easy-to-access health and performance data on farm animals. AgLogica is advised by a board of seven veterinarians representing practices from coast to coast, and other experts.

AgLogica is seeking strategic partnerships with animal-health and -nutrition companies looking for innovative ways to further demonstrate their own products’ value using real-world evidence with veterinarians and clients. These partners also can benefit from AgLogica’s rich database to provide valuable insights for new product-development opportunities or repositioning current products.

A system designed for today

Building on the novel science behind the AGL Behavior Monitoring System, AgLogica and its strategic partners ultimately will deliver a user-friendly way for dog owners to help manage their pets’ health — all under the watchful guidance of their veterinarians. The product is expected to be available in early 2015.

“We believe people will find this novel system to be reliable, easy-to-use and affordable,” says Shuler. “And, it will be welcomed by today’s pet owners and veterinarians who depend on technology to make their lives better, more efficient and connected. The bottom line is that the AGL Behavior Monitoring System will enable dog owners to partner with their veterinarians to provide a higher level of care for their pets.”

For more information about strategic partnerships with AgLogica or to discuss other development opportunities, call 678-823-6572, email or visit

Founded in 2013 and based in Norcross, Georgia, AgLogica Holdings LLC develops novel animal-behavior monitoring systems that help owners and their veterinarians manage animal-health problems earlier and provide the best quality of life for pets. AgLogica works with strategic-development partners — the Georgia Tech Research Institute, the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech and ITLogica — to combine the very latest technologies with exclusively licensed animal-behavior algorithms. The result is convenient, noninvasive monitoring systems that are affordable and distributed only through veterinarians.



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