Addison Biological Laboratory, Inc. Announces New Product

Addison Biological Laboratory, Inc. is pleased to offer the veterinary industry its first neutralized zinc skin care topical, MAXI/GUARD® Zn7™ Derm. This natural, clear, tissue-friendly pH gel is recommended for adjunct therapy to steroids and antibiotics. Companion animal veterinarians report increased levels of skin care efficacy with reduced steroid demand. Zn7™ Derm leaves the wound site soft and supple, a desired benefit over topicals that either dry or leave raw skin areas oily. Zn7™ Derm provides natural relief from itching allowing patients to heal themselves naturally. MAXI/GUARD® Zn7™ Derm is internationally patented and restricted to licensed veterinary sales.

Please note the following product contact information:

Product size: 2 ounce soft squeeze bottle with applicator tip
Shipped in 12 count cartons

WVC Booth #244


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