According to Dr. Evan Antin, what is the first step a pet owner can do to keep a pet healthy in the home?



Evan Antin and PetsKeeping things in the home clean with Clorox bleach products is one of the easiest first steps that pet owners can do.

I’m talking about pet owners that have a dog at home, not what I do at the vet hospital, but just as a dog owner at home. I want to keep his food bowl and his toys clean. He’s got a crate, and I want to keep that clean.

At home, I’ll use a much more dilute Clorox bleach version than what I use at my vet hospital.  I’ll use a couple teaspoons of bleach in a gallon of water, and that can eradicate and kill a lot of the bacteria mites that accumulate in his food bowl or in his crate. I just want to keep that area clean. There are wipes and other things you can use by Clorox that accomplish the same thing.

The important thing to note here is you are not using the product directly on the pets, you are using it in their space and on their bowls and toys, rinsing them off and letting them air dry to get them clean.

Based on a Guest Interview with Dr. Evan Antin, April 12, 2019

For the full interview with Dr. Antin, click here.

Dr. Antin uses Clorox products in both his clinic and in his home and is a veterinarian and Clorox spokesperson for the products. received a sample product to review.




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