About The Veterinary Oral Health Council and the VOHC Seal


VOHC seal

The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) concept developed from informal discussions among interested individuals in the 1980’s. In 1989, an open meeting was held during the Veterinary Dental Forum (the annual meeting of the American Veterinary Dental Society, the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry, and the American Veterinary Dental College [AVDC]) to discuss the need for and possible problems associated with “endorsement” of veterinary dental products.

At this meeting, it was recognized that, in the absence of any objective means of recognizing efficacious products, veterinarians and the public may be confused by the “noise” in the plaque and calculus retardation market.

The “official” launch of VOHC took place during the 1997 Veterinary Dental Forum meeting in Denver, and was followed by an open meeting on November 3rd, 1997. Initially, a protocol for products that retard plaque mechanically and calculus (tartar) mechanically or chemically was published. A protocol for cats was added in 1998, and a protocol for chemically-active anti-plaque agents in dogs or cats was added in 1999. A formal policy on awarding the Seal to multiple products in a ‘product line’ was adopted in 2003.

The first VOHC Seal of Acceptance was awarded in June 1998 to Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canine Prescription Diet t/d. Use of the VOHC seal outside the USA began in Canada, followed by Europe and Japan. The VOHC system is now recognized world-wide.

Accepted Products for dogs here.

Accepted Products for cats here.

The VOHC is an independent place for pet owners around the world to take a look at products that are safe for their pets’ oral health. Although there are many products available at stores that look safe to use, the VOHC registered seal on a product  indicates that the VOHC approves of the standards and effectiveness of that certain product.

To read about the complete history of the VOHC, visit: VOHC

Dr. Ellen Lowery, DVM, PhD, MBA is a Purdue Veterinary Hospital Director and director and non-voting member of the VOHC.  She is a long history in veterinary dentistry. To learn more  about Dr. Lowery, read our interview with her here.



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