AAHA & Global Pet Expo: Two Conferences Bringing Great Pet News

Marching in like a lion, we’ll wait to see if March goes out like a lamb! In the meantime, there’ll be two conferences in warm weather states: the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) 2010 conference, www.aahanet.org will be held March 18-20 in Long Beach California and the Global Pet Expo, www.globalpetexpo.org will be held March 25-27 in Orlando, Florida. Pet owners will soon see some of the latest innovations and new products that will be featured at these conferences in the coming months.

AAHA 2010

The American Animal Hospital Association annual conference is the only exclusive companion animal veterinary association. AAHA is well known for its high standards in veterinary practices and quality pet care and promotes those standards within the veterinary profession and to the public. The Association develops benchmarks of excellence, business practice standards, informative publications and educational programs designed to help companion animal hospitals thrive. Below, we have featured a few of the programs/seminars that will be available at AAHA 2010.

Improving Dental Compliance & Patient Care Utilizing AAHA’s Guidelines: Designed especially for recent graduates, this day-long seminar will focus on improving dental care utilizing the AAHA guidelines and improving communication among veterinary teams. Attendees will walk through four cases using the AAHA Dental Care Guidelines to ideally handle each case.

Ask-the-Expert: A new feature to the conference this year, the Ask-the-Expert series features field experts in topics ranging from Anesthesia, Clinical Neurology, Canine Surgery, Nutrition & Wellness and Staff Management etc.

AAHA Session and Brunch: Labrador Lessons from a Canine Hero: This brunch features Michael Hingson and his retired service dog Roselle, canine hero of 9-11. Michael will discuss lessons that can be learned from Roselle, including; balancing work and play, the value of love and trust, how to get what you want out of life and how to be a hero every day.

Pet owners can learn more about AAHA at a special resource site, www.healthypet.com.

Global Pet Expo

The Global Pet Expo is the pet industry’s largest annual trade show presented by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA). Below, we have featured a few new products/companies that will be attending Global Pet Expo.

Cats Rule: Cats Rule is a company that aims to provide beautifully designed, colorful products for cats. They offer cat litter solutions & food supplies, accessories, cat scratchers, cat toys, gift collections and even some products for people. Check out their Web site at www.catsrule.com.

Doggiewasher: The Doggiewasher allows owners to wash and rinse their pet in less than five minutes. It attaches to any garden hose producing four powerful streams of water to achieve a deep and effective cleaning of even the oiliest hair. A valve is included for complete control of water flow and making the Doggiewasher safe around the eyes, ears and nose of pets. Visit www.doggiewasher.com to learn more.

Cat Dancer Products, Inc.: Cat Dancer Products, founded in 1983, was the first company to nationally market the Cat Dancer, an interactive cat toy designed to be used by cats and their owner simultaneously. Their products, including the Cat Dancer Compleat and the Catnip Cat Dancer, provide house bound cats with healthy play and exercise. Visit www.catdancer.com.


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