A Sassy Older Black Rescue Cat Finds A Home


The story of senior cats being left adoptless is all too familiar. So too are the stories and myths about black cats. This story of Kat by award-winning author Kristin Avery happily has a different ending. Kat is that “sassy older black cat” that is adopted by Avery. The full story is in “Second-Chance Cats, True Stories of the Cats We Rescue and the Cats Who Rescue Us.”

Two of CWA’s Goodnewsforpets.com Human Animal Bond Award Winner stories are featured in this book. An abbreviated version of Katherine Kern’s 2019 Goodnewsforpets.com Human-Animal Bond Award winning entry is also in the book.

Here’s what the Amazon Review had to say, “There’s no feeling quite like that of getting a second chance and a fresh start. When we adopt a homeless cat–or that cat decides to adopt us–we’re not just giving one of earth’s most beautiful and inscrutable creatures a chance at a good life, we’re giving ourselves the gift of companionship, solace, and love. And plenty of laughter too!”

Check out this collection of true stories.  According to Amazon, “Each feel-good story involves cat rescue, some in a typical way and others in surprising–even miraculous–ways. Sometimes the question becomes: Really, who rescued whom?” 

We are inclined to agree! 


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