A Home Delivery Promise to Customers from America’s Pet Store on the Web

People who shop online for pet-related products can now be assured of fast, dependable turnaround on their orders – or else orders are absolutely free! PetFoodDirect.com, a leading Internet-based marketer of premium pet foods, supplies and accessories, is making this unique guarantee to customers as a way of demonstrating its quick, reliable order processing and home delivery capabilities. Making it convenient for the customer is what the Internet is all about.

The PetFoodDirect.com’s 24 Hour Promise ensures that all pet food orders will ship from the company’s warehouse within 24 hours, except on certain holidays when UPS and USPS are closed. The new policy covers all dry and canned dog food, cat food, puppy food, kitten food, bird food, ferret food, rabbit food, chinchilla food, hamster food, and guinea pig food. It applies to any order placed between 3:30 PM Sunday and 3:30 PM Friday, with quantities not to exceed 200 – lbs of pet food per day. The Promise does not apply to treats, accessories, toys, grooming tools, cat litter, or other such products.

“People go to the Internet to shop because it is fast and convenient,” says Jon Roska, Jr., Chief Operating Office of PetFoodDirect.com. “The experience is a failure, however, if the customer’s order is not promptly filled. It does not take too many failures before the customer will learn to distrust buying on the Internet altogether.”

When people buy pet food, orders often are placed just as food runs out. “That puts the onus on us,” continues Roska. “We have to get food to them quickly.”

The Pet Food Promise, by PetFoodDirect.com, assures customers that the support necessary to process and ship orders are in place. “This is a competitive advantage for PetFoodDirect.com in this new, fast-paced form of commerce,” concludes Roska. “The Internet promises to change the way people live. Now, companies such as ours have to prove we can fulfill on our promises and assure timely, accurate order processing.”

Founded in 1998, PetFoodDirect.com has quickly established itself as one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use online shopping sources for pet food, supplies and accessories. With the acquisition of ThePetCenter.com, The Internet Animal Hospital, PetFoodDirect.com also offers comprehensive pet care information services, including “Ask the Vet”, where customers can get online answers to their questions from Dr. T.J. Dunn, a published expert on pet nutrition and animal care. The PetFoodDirect.com 24 Hour Promise guarantees that every customer order placed between 3:30 PM Sunday to 3:30 PM Friday will ship from the company’s warehouse within 24 hours, or the order is free. All transactions are 100% secure. Home delivery is handled by UPS and USPS. For more information, or to make a purchase, visit the Company’s Web Site at http://www.PetFoodDirect.com or call toll-free 1-877-738-3663.


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