A Greener Germinder

At Germinder & Associates we are proud to partner with the top brands in the animal health industry, have achieved the rank of one of Kansas City’s top 10 PR agencies, have opened a New York City office and have won dozens of awards. We take pride in being a niche agency who knows the business of animal health.

We also take pride in the manner in which we have conducted our internal business. For years we’ve participated in traditional reduction, reuse and recycling programs, used refurbished printer cartridges and purchased energy-efficient office equipment.

Going Green With Our Partners We are now rapidly changing the way we do business to take significant actions to reduce our carbon footprint. As an agency, paper reduction, reuse and recycling is getting even greater attention. Technology is under review. Overall energy efficiency is another area of focus. We are engaging in dialogue with our partners to implement sustainable practices throughout our entire production chain.

Going Green With Our Employees Germinder & Associates is also promoting green behavior among its employees. For starters, everyone is trained in reduction, reuse and recycling programs. We encourage tips from employees and we share daily green tips in return. Together we are strengthening our actions affecting the environment both internally and externally.

Germinder & Associates is proud to keep the environment top of mind. We know there is much more work to be done. We also know that promoting a green office culture will help ensure we all do our share for a cleaner world.

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