A Giant Passes On, Honor Among Us? You Bet!

cevaboothphotoI’m back from NAVC and here in the New York metro area we are preparing for yet another snow blanket.  I don’t mind when I’m inside my office but taking road trips is another story.  We were quite delayed flying out of Orlando, but while I lamented there was not much sunny weather, admittedly coming back and driving in the icy cold was worse.  All in all it was a very successful conference.  And yes, Ceva did have their new logo all ready to go as evidenced here.

I’m waiting for the final numbers but was told number of attendees, booths, etcetera were up.  The Marriott Piano Bar was a testament to that.  Everyone is glad 2011 is here.  Lots of  iPads and iPods being given away, so I was pretty happy about the success of our own contest giving away TEN  iPads plus the matching shelter donations.

Sadly I heard last night from Dr. Fred Scott, former director of the Feline Cornell Health Center and icon in his own right, that the legendary Dr. Robert Kirk passed away yesterday after a long illness.  We’ll have more on that on our  web site, www.goodnewsforpets.com as we had known of and interviewed Dr. Kirk a few times. I’ve been so fortunate to know the legends in the veterinary profession. Wow, what contributions he made.

Some people (including me!) noticed a very prominent poster from a former client still using the original branding our parent company developed.  After 30 years in the business, it’s not an unlikely sight and in a way a nice compliment — even if it is yet another group getting paid to produce it now.  Sigh, such is the life of  “work for hire.”  Good thing we’ve always got fresh ideas to keep us moving ahead, otherwise we’d be “catty” and what good does that do you!  A good idea is a good idea forever.  Thanks for the tributes, it’s nice to be noticed.


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