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Latest Survey Confirms
Continuing Growth of Pet Ownership

Okay, I admit it; I am a sucker for statistics – especially when those statistics have to do with my favorite subject, pets. Recently, the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) released the results of their most recent study on the state of the nation’s pet population.

The study reveals a nearly two percent increase in pet ownership since the association’s last survey conducted in 1998 and a six percent jump since they began compiling figures in 1988. This translates into approximately 73 million cats, 68 million dogs, 19 million birds, 19 million small animals, nine million reptiles, 159 million freshwater fish and six million saltwater fish in American homes.

According to the survey, we also are treating our pets more like family members all the time. For example, except for reptiles and fish, more than 60 percent of pet owners in all categories purchase gifts for their pets.

A 2000 study by the Pet Food Institute found more than 75 million cats and 59 million dogs with 37.3 percent of the population owning dogs to 34.5 percent with cats and 16 percent of households having at least one of each. The PFI began tracking the pet population in 1981 and, according to their figures, the number of dogs has grown by five million while the pet cat population has risen by more than 30 million.

Whatever figures you use, it’s evident that pets continue to be an important part of many American homes and families.

While we’re on the subject of popularity, or maybe that’s pupularity, Labrador retrievers and Golden retrievers remain most registered dogs with the American Kennel Club for the year 2000.

Pets On the Road

The Purina Pet Institute tells us that almost one-third of pet owners have taken their pet on vacation with dogs being the road warriors (45 percent) while cat owners take kitty along only 16 percent of the time.


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