Q: What 3 new breeds are making their Westminster Kennel Club debut in 2017?


There will be a few new faces making their way into the coveted Madison Square Garden show ring.

As they work their way toward competing for Best in Show, get to know these new and unique AKC-recognized breeds.

  1. American Hairless Terrier, Photo: Tilly Grassa

    American Hairless Terrier

Hailing From:United States Competes in: Terrier Group

What You Need to Know: This small-to-medium size terrier is active, intelligent, and friendly. Despite its name, the breed also comes in a coated variety, although the coated dog still carries the hairless gene. These dogs have a natural drive to excel, making them great partners in dog sports such as agility or  This is a fantastic choice for a family that suffers from allergies, as the hairless variety causes fewer allergic reactions than other breeds.

Pumi, Madison Square Garden

2. Pumi

Hailing From: Hungary, Competes in: Herding Group

What You Need to Know: Defined as energetic, lively, and ready to work, the Pumi is perfect for a family willing to provide it with lots of exercise and mental activity. With a whimsical expression and corkscrew curls, this medium-size dog has a strong working drive and was historically used to herd. The Pumi is bright, alert, and active, making it ideal for many of the AKC dog sports.

wkc westminster sloughi


3. Sloughi

Hailing From: North Africa Competes in: Hound Group

What You Need to Know: This robust, yet elegant sighthound is medium sized and is treasured for its hunting skills. The breed is known to be calm and somewhat reserved, but must have daily exercise on leash or in a fenced area because of its superior prey drive. Although independent, the Sloughi bonds closely with his owners and is extremely eager to please.


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