2008 CWA Muse™ Medallion Winners

In the regular contest, each category was scored independently by three CWA member judges whose three scores were then averaged by the contest committee. Individuals had to score an average of 90 or better in order to become finalists and earn certificates. The top scorer in each category was awarded a Muse Medallion.

Earning Muse Medallions at this year’s contest were:

Monthly Magazines: Susan Logan, editor, Cat Fancy

Magazine Article, Health and General Care: Dave Pratt, “My Cat Has AIDS,” Cat Fancy

Magazine Article, Behavior and Training: Sandy Robins, “Training Day,” Maine Coons

Magazine Article, Any Other Topic: Carrie Allan, “The State of the Cat,” Animal Sheltering


Magazine Column: Sandy Robins, “At Home With Sandy Robins,” Cat Fancy

Newspaper Article ” Health and General Care: Kari Winters, “Inflammatory Bowel

Disease,” The Pet Press

Newspaper Article ” Any Other Topic: Sally Bahner, “The Name of the Cat,” Pets Press

Newspaper Column: Amy Shojai, “Petiquette,” Herald Democrat

Newsletter, Breed Specific: Beryl Peters and Melody Amundson, Devon Rex Breed Club


Newsletter, National Circulation: Arden Moore, editor of Catnip

Newsletter, Regional or Membership Circulation: Cimeron Morrissey, editor of Cat Tales

Newsletter Article, Health or General Care: Kim Campbell Thornton, “Blended Medicine,”


Newsletter Article, Behavior and Training: Sally Deneen, “Find Your Feline Match,”


Newsletter Article, Other Topics: Fran Pennock Shaw, “Surviving Kittenhood,” Catnip

Short Story: Roxanne Snopek (pen name RG Willems for short story), “Lucky” Anthology:

Blood on the Holly, Baskervlle Books

Poem: Betsy Stowe, “Feral Hearts,” Fanc-e Mews

Brochure, Pamphlet, Short Publications: Special Publication: Nancy Peterson, Helping

Homeless Cats, The Humane Society of the United States

Annual or Long Publications: Indy Feral (submitted by Rob Day and his contributors),

IndyFeral 2008 Calendar

Books, Fiction: Victor DiGenti, Windrusher and the Trail of Fire, Ocean Publishing

Books, Health and General Care: Debra Eldredge, DVM, Delbert Carlson, DVM, Liisa

Carlson, DVM and James Giffin, MD, Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook 3rd Edition, Howell Book House

Books, Training and Behavior: Margaret H. Bonham, The Cat Owner’s Problem Solver, TFH Publication

Gift Book: Jackie Strachan, 50 Games to Play with Your Cat, TFH Publications

Other Books: Nathan Winograd, Redemption, Alamaden Books

Video, DVD or Television Production: Bryan Kortis and Nancy Peterson, Trap-Neuter-Return: Fixing Feral Cat Overpopulation, The Humane Society of the United States

Radio or Other Audio Presentation: Amy Shojai, “Pet Peeves: A Win-Winn Situation,” Pet

Life Radio

Online Magazine or Newsletter: Mary Anne Miller, editor of www.felinexpress.com

Online Article ” Health and General Care: Amy Shojai, “It’s All About the Cat!”


Online Article ” Any Other Topic: Barbara Stein (pen name B. Cat Stone), “Earl the Dead

Cat…Alive and Well After All These Years,” Our-Happy-Cat.com.

Online Column: Dusty Rainbolt, “Ask Einstein,” www.stickypaws.com

Black and White Photograph (single): Weems Hutto, “Picasso Paints,” Planet Cat

Color photograph (single): (tie) Olek Kuperberg, “Sinapura Up Close,” Cat Fancy AND

Isabelle Francais, “Siamese Kittens,” Cat Fancy

Color photograph (series): Bernadette Kazmarski, “Cute Kittens,” mythreecats.com.

Cartoon: Stephanie Piro, “Through Yet?” King Features

Illustration: Drew Strouble, Tatianna, book cover illustration for book by same name,



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