2004 Mark L. Morris, Sr. Lifetime Achievement Award Newsroom

January 18, 2004

Dear Media Colleague:

TOPEKA, Kan. | January 18, 2004

Because of his unrivaled and exemplary lifetime of service, Dr.Jack Mara has been chosen as recipient of the 2004 Mark L. Morris,Sr. Lifetime Achievement Award. Extraordinary, visionary, a tireless advocate for the proper nutrition of pets, and one of the veterinary profession’s greatest ambassadors are just a few phrases to describe the much beloved small-animal nutritionist. An icon in the veterinary community and cherished friend to many, the late Dr.Mara devoted his 50-year career to educating the pet-owning public and his practitioner colleagues about the critical role proper nutrition plays in maintaining a pet’s health.

2004 Mark L. Morris, Sr. Lifetime Achievement Award MediaKit

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