2002 DWAA Special Award Winners

Elsworth S. Howell Award:
Winner: Capt. Arthur J. Haggerty

Sponsored by Howell Book House, this award is given for the best article on judging, exhibiting, dog-show reporting or any other aspect of conformation showing. Capt. Arthur J. Haggerty, the 2001 recipient, received the award for his article in the German Shepherd Review (April 2001) entitled, “”Morris and Essex Redux””.

Eukanuba Canine Health Award:
Winner: Susan McCullough

Sponsored by the Iams Company, the Canine Health award is given for the article or book that best promotes the health and well being of dogs. Susan McCullough received the award for her work entitled, “”Putting a Leash on Health Care””, published in the April 2001 issue of Dog World.

AKC Publication Excellence Award:
Winner: Sandi Martin

Sponsored by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Excellence Award is given to a writer for the best article in a national, regional or local club publication, either in a magazine or newsletter format. Sandi Martin was awarded for her article, “”A Tribute to Olivia: My Forever Dog””.

DWAA Junior Writer Award:
Winner: H.R. Hoerr

The DWAA Junior Writer award is given to writers under 18 years of age who exhibit talent, resourcefulness, dedication and integrity in their writing about dogs and dog-related topics. The 2001 junior writer was H.R. Hoerr who wrote “”My First Lure Trial””, which was published in the Basenji Club of America, Inc. Bulletin in June.

Humane Issues Special Award:
Winner: Paul Glassner

Offered by The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) this special award is given to the piece of work which best illuminates one of the following aspects of the ASPCA mission: pet overpopulation, humane education, shelter adoptions or the prevention of cruelty. The 2001 Humane Issues Special Award was given to Paul Glassner for his book “Cinderella Dogs.”

The Veterinary Information Network Health Education Award:
Winner: Rhonda Hovan

This award recognizes the individual article which best educates and informs the dog owning public about technical advances and innovations in canine veterinary medicine. The 2001 recipient, Rhonda Hovan, received the award for her piece entitled, “”Perspectives: The Future of Dog Breeding””, published in the May issue of Golden Retriever News.

World Canine Freestyle Organization Award:
Winner: Jackie Loohauis

This award, given by the World Canine Freestyle Organization, goes to the best print, radio, television or Internet coverage of canine freestyle. Jackie Loohauis was awarded for her piece published in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on August 28, 2001 entitled, “”Sit, Stay, Cha-cha-cha!””.

Merial Human-Animal Bond Award:
Winner: Diane Jessup

Sponsored by Merial, the Human-Animal Bond Award goes to the author whose work best highlights the special bond between people and their treasured pets. Diane Jessup, the author of, “The Dog Who Spoke to Gods,” is the 2001 winner.

DogRead List Award:
Winner: Paul Glassner

This award goes to the best overall book, “Cinderella Dogs,” by Paul Glassner.

Off Lead Award:
Winner: Martin Delley

The Off Lead‘s award goes to the author of the best training article. For 2001, Martin Delley’s article, “”Training Just an Ordinary Hunting Dog”” which ran in the July/August issue received the award.

Newspaper of the Year Award:
Winner: Deborah Wood

Sponsored by Heinz Nature’s Recipe, the 2001 winner of the best newspaper is Deborah Wood for The Oregonian.

Pedigree President’s Award:
Winner: Rue Chagoll

Sponsored by Pedigree, the President’s Award recognizes the best entry among the Maxwell winners. The 2001 recipient of the Pedigree President’s Award goes to Golden Retriever Club of Central New York member, Rue Chagoll, editor of Golden Tales.

Communicator’s Award
Winner: Mary Bloom

Offered by Wayne Cavanaugh, president of the United Kennel Club, this award goes to that individual who through excellence in communication and conduct promotes the best interests of the sport of dogs. The 2001 winner of the Communicator’s Award is Mary Bloom.

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