150 Years is A Heck of Alot of Accomplishments

This weekend marks the midyear celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the American Veterinary Medical Association in Chicago with the AVMA’s annual convention.  Someone once told me the years divisible by five were the important ones.  This one’s a biggie.

While goodnewsforpets.com with its 13 year mark isn’t quite up there in years yet, parent company Germinder & Associates did celebrate its own anniversary of 15 years this July 1st.  Admittedly the AVMA is celebrating “a few” more decades, but it puts us in a celebratory mood.  We stand in awe of the accomplishments of the veterinary profession and so have created this special 150th Anniversary issue for the AVMA in tribute.

We’re especially excited to see the unveiling of the AVMA’s Smithsonian traveling exhibit sponsored by Zoetis and so much more at the convention.  While I truly enjoy the veterinary conferences at the beginning of the year — NAVC and WVC specifically, there is something so special about the AVMA convention. It’s always in a different city, it’s held midyear after a lull in national veterinary and pet conferences, but most important of all to me is that is the special gathering of the leaders in veterinary medicine.

We get to hear from the newly elected AVMA president, we get to hear the news from the General Assembly and many of the specialty groups hold their meetings at AVMA as well.  It’s a special conference with special people in a special place. And this year, a special celebration of 150 years of the association. Wow.  That’s a lot to celebrate.  Let’s get started, Chicago here we come!


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