Assisi Animal Health Launches LOOP-AID® Accessory Line


ASSISI-HERO Torso Wrap First to Make Healing Easy

San Antonio, August 5, 2016 — AVMA Convention — Assisi Animal Health announced today their first product in an accessory line, targeted at enhancing treatment when using the ASSISI LOOP®. The ASSISI-HERO LOOP-AID, designed by Ben Blecha, CPO, who is Hero Braces’ Orthotist, was developed to assist in compliance with veterinarians’ instructions, offer convenience for the pet owners and allow mobility for the pet during treatments.

Through its targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Device, the ASSISI LOOP has been embraced by the veterinary community as an adjunct or alternative therapy to treat a range of conditions in dogs, cats and horses. The Loop, whose technology is FDA-cleared, is a NPAID® (Non-Pharmaceutical Anti-Inflammatory Device) prescribed by veterinary professionals to treat orthopedic injuries, degenerative neurological conditions, post-surgical pain and swelling, osteoarthritis and other inflammatory conditions and wounds.

“We understand that compliance and convenience can impact the right treatment for a pet. That is why we are excited to help make the healing process easier with the launch of our new LOOP-AID accessory line,” said John Wilkerson, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Assisi Animal Health. “The ASSISI-HERO Torso Wrap is the first product in the line and helps to make the treatment process easier for all parties involved.”

assisi loop-aid hero torso wrap

Dog photographed with ASSISI-HERO Torso Wrap and ASSISI LOOP

The Torso Wrap is a lightweight, durable garment that the LOOP attaches to during treatment.  The Wrap is designed to stay on the pet for the duration of their daily treatments and has adjustable Velcro attachments for securing the LOOP in different areas of need. This makes the treatment more convenient for the pet owner and allows more mobility for the pet.

The Wrap comes in seven sizes, ranging from XXS-XL, and has a size specifically for long-low breeds that frequently suffer from severe back issues.  Made of 87 percent nylon and 13 percent spandex, the Torso Wrap is washable and dries quickly on a flat surface.

The ASSISI-HERO Torso Wrap will be available for purchase early this fall. For more information, visit our website:


About Assisi Animal Health
Assisi Animal Health was acquired in 2013 by John Wilkerson, a successful medical industry entrepreneur and life science growth investor. Assisi Animal Health is a science-based company specializing in offering clinical therapeutic solutions to veterinary professionals. The Assisi Loop is sold directly only to veterinary professionals or by veterinary prescription to pet owners. The company helps veterinary professionals and pet owners collaborate in delivering the optimal level of care to animals. For more information, visit Assisi Animal Health. Follow Assisi Animal Health on Twitter @assisiloop or Facebook

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