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Cat Fancy Magazine Profiles Presidential Pets

January article details fascinating stories about presidential cats

Irvine, Calif., November 10, 2008 With the recent election behind us, and President-elect Barack Obama's promise to his children to get them a dog, Cat Fancy , the world's most widely read cat magazine, features a story on cats that have graced the White House in "Presidential Pets," an article in the magazine's January 2009 issue.

The article focuses on past presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, who rescued a litter of kittens from a Civil War battlefield; Rutherford B. Hayes, whose wife welcomed the first Siamese cat from the American Consul in Bangkok; Theodore Roosevelt, whose cat Slippers once blocked a procession of diplomats from reaching the East Room; and John F. Kennedy, who often had his daughter's cat, Tom Kitten, with him in his room.

The article also details the cats of Presidents Calvin Coolidge, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, William (Bill) Clinton and George W. Bush.

"I love this story because it breaks the stereotype that only women are into cats," said Cat Fancy editor Susan Logan. "These were among the most powerful men in the world, and yet they had a soft spot for felines. The story also illustrates how universal and historic the human-feline bond is."

The article is authored by Allie Bullock Kagamaster, a frequent contributor to Cat Fancy magazine and

Cat Fancy is the world's leading cat publication. It entertains and informs responsible cat owners with the information they need to help their cats live long, healthy and happy lives. For the complete story on presidential pets, pick up the January issue of Cat Fancy , on newsstands November 25, 2008.

To read Logan's blog encouraging President-elect Obama to adopt a cat as well as a dog, click here.

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